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Cambria Fundraise

If you’ve been following our writing and research over the years, you may remember occasional mentions of some milestones reached by my investment company, Cambria. Today, we’re approaching a new milestone, and it involves an investment opportunity that some readers might find interesting. So I…

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Podcast Episode #25: “Listener Q&A”

Episode #25: “Listener Q&A” Guest: Episode #25 has no guest, but is co-hosted by Meb’s co-worker, Jeff Remsburg. Date: 10/17/16 Run-Time: 1:06:54 Topics:  We have some great guests lined up in the coming weeks, so we figured we’d squeeze in another Q&A episode. This week,…

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Podcast Episode #24: Learning to Love Investment Bubbles

Guest: Episode 24 is just Meb. Date: 10/3/16 Run-Time: 21:11 Topics: Episode 24 brings us back to our most controversial episode format: the “solo Meb” show. Listeners seem to either love and loathe this style of show. If you fall into the “loathe” camp, it’s…

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Modern Dow Theory

I love the research from The Leuthold Group.  Their Green Book is a like a present showing up every month in my inbox.  I was going to write a white paper on Dow Theory, a simple trend following approach that has been around for 100+…

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